Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Kits

This post will address the electronic cigarette free trial kits – what to expect, and how to avoid the misunderstandings. You will also find links to electronic cigarette companies that do offer free trials.

1. Do I have to pay anything for an electronic cigarette free trial kit, or is it completely free?

Usually you will have to pay shipping and handling – about $4-$10, depending on the company.

2. What are the strings attached to an electronic cigarette free trial kit? Do I have to purchase anything in the future?

The company sends out the free kit with the hope of you liking it, and order refill cartridges from them. They usually sign you up to send monthly refill cartridges, by using the same credit card they have on file.

3. What is included in an electronic cigarette free trial kit?

Most likely you will find these articles included: batteries, USB charger, refill cartridges that should keep you smoking for a week or so, possibly a wall or car charger and other accessories. Check with individual companies.

4. Do I get locked in a contract?

Usually you do not get locked into any contract. You can cancel anytime. Definitely check all of the term of the free trial with the company, so you know for sure what you are getting into.

5. Are electronic cigarettes different from one another? Do they taste the same?

Just like regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes vary greatly in looks and tastes. The flavor, the strength, the amount of vapor, and also how it looks varies from one brand to another. It is important to find the electronic cigarette you like, and only then to sign up for monthly refills. Look for companies that offer electronic cigarette free trial kits, so you can become familiar with the brand before you spend any substantial amount of money.

6. I do not like the electronic cigarette I ordered. How do I avoid being charged?

Make sure you carefully read the terms of the free trial before you sign up. Cancel before the trial is over. The website you order from should have specific instructions.

7. Where can I get an electronic cigarette free trial kit?

The electronic cigarette companies listed below offer free trial kits. This is an open list. If you find another company that offers them, please write a comment below so we can add to the list. If you decide to order kits from multiple companies, make sure you keep a calendar with the free trial end dates, so you can cancel on time and only keep going with the one you like.

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